Mount McKinley / Denali

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This tour travels north across the Mat-Su valley, up the Kahiltna Glacier, past "Little Switzerland" and the 7.2 climbers base camp and through Kahiltna Pass at an altitude of about 11,000 ft right next to the tallest mountain in North America towering over 20,000 ft. Beside it stands Mt Foraker at 17,400 ft., Mt Hunter at 14,500 ft. and numerous other peaks over 11,000 ft.

Once through the pass we turn east as we view the famous "Wickersham Wall" on the north face of the mountain and on around until we descend into the Amphitheater viewing the Great Gorge, the Ruth Glacier forks and the many wonderful icefalls that surround the Amphitheater as we descend. In warmer weather many large pools of brilliant blue water can be seen standing on the surface of the glaciers. Leaving the Amphitheater we fly down the Ruth Glacier through the Great Gorge, over the Ruth icefalls then south back across the Mat-Su valley looking for moose and bears.

We often see climbers from May through July as 1200-1500 climbers frequent the mountain every year. This complete circle around Mt McKinley / Denali is a truly wonderful way to see the mountain and Denali National Park.

Approximately 2 hours 10 minutes

$300.00 / Person
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