Knik Area Glaciers

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This tour travels northeast out of Anchorage and depending on the weather goes up the Eagle River Valley and over the Eagle Glacier into the Knik Valley OR follows Hwy 1 around to the Knik valley. The Knik Valley is one of the most beautiful spots in Alaska, in our opinion. This valley is home to several large stunning glaciers, many smaller glaciers, cliff hanging glaciers, amazing glacier icefalls, and a large glacier lake with glacier icebergs floating around in it. The Knik Glacier is 5 miles wide and 25 miles long with a small lake in front of it.

This Glacier has been moving forward every year breaking off large chunks of the glacier into the lake resulting in blue icebergs of different shapes and sizes floating in the lake. The Colony glacier also is moving forward in a similar manner with resulting icebergs floating around Lake George, a much larger glacier lake created by the Colony glacier when it receded in the distant past. These glaciers have rugged crevasses with lots of brilliant blue pools of water standing on the glacier during the warmer times of the year.

There are lots of animals in the Knik valley and we usually see moose, Dall sheep, Mountain goats, and many times Black or Brown Bears. Once we even spotted three black wolves trotting along... If you are looking for a shorter tour that shows a lot of what Alaska has to offer this tour is IT. A great winter tour as well since the glaciers are nearly sea level and windswept showing stunning blues year-round. It is truly unique to see the blue glacier icebergs locked in the frozen lakes.

Approximately 1 hour

$150.00 / Person
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