Where are you located?
We operate out of Merrill Field, Anchorage a few miles East of downtown Anchorage just off 5th Avenue across from Taco Bell restaurant. Please call for specific instructions in meeting our plane.

What about inclement weather?
All the tours are weather dependent. Being flexible is highly advantageous. We recommend scheduling weather-dependent activities early in your trip so you will be able to exchange activities if needed. If there is adverse weather or situations which require us to reschedule, we will do so to the best of our ability. If we think that the weather is going to hinder your viewing pleasure we consult with you on the specifics before deciding to go, giving you the option to wait for another time if available.

What should I wear/bring?
Whatever you are comfortable walking outside in you will be comfortable in the airplane, however, an additional light jacket in Summer and a heavy jacket in Winter is a good idea. Bring your camera and ensure it is charged and/or you have extra batteries as you will be taking several hundred pictures. Bring your own water bottles especially on the longer flights in the summer as we do not have running water at the airport. Be careful though not to drink too much as there is no inflight bathroom and few places to land if you need relief. Cell phones may be used to take pictures in flight so feel free to use them.

Do I need ear protection?
We provide electronic noise canceling headsets that greatly reduce the noise. These headsets also enable the passengers to communicate with the pilot and each other. Conversations among the passengers are not transmitted out of the plane.

Will we see Polar Bears?
Only at the Alaska Zoo as Polar Bears are found much farther north.

What about other wildlife?
We usually see some type of wildlife but at certain times of the day/year it is more difficult to find them. Please see tour descriptions for the most likely animals to observe on a particular flight. Wildlife viewing is not guaranteed but highly probable.

Do you land on the glaciers?
We do not land on glaciers - all of our flights are nonstop with few exceptions - any stops will be made at an airport. Most ski equipped planes need to land high up on the glacier where the snow is deep enough to cover the crevasses beneath, while it is amazingly remote you do not get to experience the blue melting ice of the glacier. To do this you will need to contact one of the helicopter companies that actually are able to set you on the glacier ICE or drive out to the Matanuska Glacier and hike up onto it.

What type of aircraft? Helicopter? Floatplane?
We do not operate floatplanes, helicopters or ski-planes at this time. See the ABOUT US page of our website for more info on our aircraft.

When is the best time/season for flightseeing Alaska?
Alaska is amazing at all times of the year and in all sorts of different lighting conditions but would have to say I like the colors the last couple weeks in September best. The glacier blues really stand out on overcast days with a slight drizzle and wash out a bit in full sun.

Do all seats get a window?
We do have one middle seat with excellent forward and side views that is not right next to a window. Taking pictures out the side and forward works out well unless the person to the side of you is using an iPad for picture taking. We are careful to assess this and put those individuals in another seat. Since this seat is not right next to the window we offer it at a 50% discount but the reviews have been overwhelming positive by passengers sitting in this seat.

Do you offer discounts - Military or otherwise?
If you have looked around you will know that our rates are already discounted from the other Companies with similar offerings so we do not generally offer additional discounts but rather a great bargain at all times.

What about flight times? Should I be concerned about the length of tour as far as getting my money's worth?
Many flight touring aircraft are equipped with float, skis or fixed gear which slow them down increasing the time it takes to travel a certain distance. Flight time is not an accurate judge of value but rather how far you are going to fly and how much you are going to see in that period of time. Our aircraft landing gear retracts allowing us to go faster and see more in less time enabling us to charge less thus giving you more value for your dollar.

Do you have a restroom at the plane?
We recommend that you use restroom facilities before you reach our meeting spot as we do not have running water near our plane.

What about motion sickness?
If you know you are sensitive to motion sickness, you may want to take motion sickness medication or other remedy before the flight. We do have sick sacks in the airplanes and we will make you aware of their location in case you need them.