We offer state-wide charter/air taxi service to many airports in Alaska. Call us to for a consultation, competitive quote and our standby options.

During our consultation in which we discover your needs/wishes, if we feel that there are possible better options, we will not hesitate to share those with you so you can make an informed choice.

We reserve the right to fill the plane to capacity if you do not and we have need to - discounts may or may not be offered. Some exceptions to this rule can be made at an additional cost. Please advise if your agency takes issue with this policy.

We have one airplane, a Piper Lance. This is a retractable gear, single-engine aircraft with a cruising speed of 160 mph. The plane is able to carry up to six passengers with a total weight of people/freight and bags not exceeding 1,000 pounds. Some shorter trips allow us to carry more.